05 June 2006

All I Need to Know is...'Shtop Thinking'

In my ever-ongoing attempt to re-organize my life on the weekends in between getting extra sleep and watching NASCAR, I went through some old clippings that I have kept forever. In theory, they were things I had clipped out to follow up on; in reality, they were things I just needed to read and most likely I didn't feel bold enough to take the whole magazine with me from the doctor's office. They were things that didn't even really have any practical application to them, but instead just things that I deemed interesting. Or did at one time, anyways.

A lot of them have hit the trash bin like they were doomed to do so many months ago. Some, though, have survived...and amazingily a lot of them are comic strip clippings. (I know, I know...comic strip clippings??? I know, I have a disease and it's called being a pack rat. But I'm in recovery now and toss/donate 15-20 things a week now...so there.) In a world full of 'read this', 'remember that', and 'follow through over here to happiness' treadmills we most all seem to be on these days, it's nice to know that pen, paper, and illustrated characters are still the greatest teachers. (Now if someone will just come out with an oversized Big Wheel cycle® for my 'underutilised' exercise program, I'm all set...LOL.)

And, so, without further delay: words of wisdom from Sunday (albeit a Sunday from 2004, but cut me some slack)...

("Mutts"© 2004 Patrick McDonnell Distributed by King Features Syndicate, as it appeared in The Durham Herald-Sun, Durham, NC.)

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