31 May 2006

An open status letter from the author...

Hello, hope all is well with everyone.

A couple of announcements to explain my delay in posting...

First off, I have at long last added some much-needed links to almost all of the sources I have mentioned here in my posts. I have tried to group them as best as I can, and you can now find these links in the right hand column of this blog.

Secondly, I have also completed some deletions of some troublesome posts and reviews. If you don't like my blog, great...comment once if you want to, and then move on. Intentionally attempting to destroy it is something else entirely. And, yes, you've been reported to the authorities here and elsewhere. Do us all a favour and find yourself a constructive hobby for a change.

Now that I believe I have cleaned up this mess, I am ready to go forward and develop this blog into what I have always wanted and/or imagined it to be. I have several blog ideas 'in the hopper' (so to speak), so come back and interact with me often. I'll be busy the next few days trying to make up for lost time.

Many thanks to those who wrote me about this and enquired about when the blog would be updated again. I appreciate the concern and also the many words of encouragement.


The Marquise

1 comment:

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