25 March 2006

Missed Deadline

It's amazing what you can miss when you're working too much, or just even trying to get caught up on your sleep.

Like getting your daily blog post in, which is what I failed to do yesterday after finally getting the old Dell operating at the capacity I need it to. Instead, today I'll just even it up and make it a twofer. And, yes, I know I still need to re-establish the links that got deleted two days ago.

Oh well, can't change history now and even if I could, it would be for more important things than getting my daily words in. Like maybe winning the lotto. Or getting dual American/Australian citizenship and move to a little closet in Sydney. Or be able to play my guitar again. Or, maybe...well, forget it. I'm vain about my musings and all, but hopefully I'm not that vain.

Sorry, folks, still the same.

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