23 March 2006

Big Toto's Watching

Sorry for the lack of commentary today...in the interest of 'improving' the looks of this blog, I hit the change template settings by accident yesterday and it did - erasing all of my links and special instructions for the page already set. Goes to show you that one should always read the fine print in detail before saying yes...even a virtual yes...to anything. Will get those links and formatting redone tonight, though.

In the meantime, I came across the following news article and it immediately reminded me why I couldn't wait to get out of Kansas after high school:

Pulled over in Kansas? Get ready to show your license, registration — and fingerprints (from "The Kansas City Star" newspaper).

Back when I was there (for a good 40% of my life, unfortunately, but we can blame that on my parents), everybody just seemed bored and looking for something to do. Now it seems they're still bored, but in the name of Homeland Security and God only knows what else, they've found a way to put Kansas back on the patriotic map. Who needs the CIA or the FBI anyway if the Jayhawks can do it on a road stop?

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