20 March 2012

The Joker

Locals:  in case you haven't heard the news, the uber-fabulous comedian Lewis Black will be performing this Friday, March 23, at Memorial Hall on the University of North Carolina's campus in Chapel Hill. "Lewis Black & Friends" is scheduled to start at 7pm. Also featuring Kathleen Madigan and Jon Friedman . Tickets for the general public are $20.00 each, and for UNC students with proper id $10.00 each. Even though this show is scheduled to take place while the UNC Mens' basketball team is playing against Ohio in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen brackets, it's also pretty certain that this show will be a sellout...get your tickets early. Click through on the link to purchase tickets:  http://memorialhall.unc.edu/
Also, a head's up:  due to several construction projects going on in downtown Chapel Hill, choose your parking early and wisely. If planning to also have dinner in the downtown area before the show, make sure you have reservations (if applicable) and/or can get out of your restaurant easily.  With all the basketball-loving and TV-watching sports fans in town, The Game will trump all others in priority. Plan accordingly to arrive early, as traffic in and around Chapel Hill may be very heavy prior to game time.

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