28 November 2008

"Oh, The Humanity!" Happy Thanksgiving

I'm completely away from the home base this weekend, traveling up and down what seems like endless interstate miles, but actually it's just through the states of North and South Carolina, and Virginia. Some of the travels have been to catch up with friends, some of it has been to enjoy the holidays with the incredibly welcoming family members of friends. No matter the destination, though, it has not been without laughs nor in the lacking of good food: giving thanks for all that has been given me so far, and making me remember what is all too important to forget.

I leave you temporarily here with one of my favourite holiday show clips, and with one of my favourite holiday moments from my long-ago youth. Have a laugh with me...and then go get that additional 'small' slice of pumpkin pie we both know you've been craving. (Video from YouTube.)

The infamous "Turkeys Away" episode from the highly underrated and fantastic sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati". Arguably one of the best shows on-air during its heyday, and this is arguably one of the funniest episodes they ever filmed. If you get a chance to see the whole episode...or, lucky you, the series...DO NOT pass up the opportunity. An unequalled show even now, and ace reporter 'Les Nessman' (portrayed by Richard Sanders) still has not been surpassed.

And a special note of love for 'Dr. Johnny Fever' (the blond, sunglass-wearing DJ trying to handle things from the booth in the above clip), played by Mr. Howard Hesseman himself: those of us you grew up listening to Don McCord on the radio thank him...and thank him very much...for his wonderful portrayal on "WKRP". Even though he did it in a very funny way, Hesseman honoured a great man now lost. And thanks for helping Janis, too.

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