16 October 2008

Yesterday's Wisdom, Tomorrow's Outlook: "Everybody Knows"

Sorry, folks, work has been a bit...much...lately. Three unfinished posts for here are still three unfinished posts, no matter how much I hate it. Additionally, I've also started another writing project with the end goal of maybe getting back into the writing I did in my yesteryear (which, frankly, seems like an eternity ago now). I will try and get more back with the program here these next few days, as a couple of distractions have finally left town for a few days and things settled.

Like a lot of you, I have not been feeling terribly optimistic about things, and probably less so about where they're headed in the immediate future. Dubya & Co's antics have finally put me in a depressive state about my beloved land. So, as some sort of non-alcoholic consolation quest, I went to my albums (yes, those things, some of us still have them) and looked for something that perhaps would lighten my mental load. And while I did find some charmers (especially those during the WWII era), I also found a classic that encapsulates exactly what is going on now: Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows" (click on title for lyrics).

And then I went to YouTube to find a video for this wonder and found Rufus Wainwright's swinging version. Double martini with your melancholy, anyone??

YouTube video featuring Rufus Wainwright's version of Leonard Cohen's totally fantastic "Everybody Knows". Still dead-on after all these years.

Enjoy Survive as best you can, folks. We shall overcome, but we're facing one hell of a ride, I fear, before we actually do.

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