25 October 2008

My Three Kilts at Tir Na Nog

A quick post this morning, as I'm trying to force my lazy arse into gear and actually get something done today...

The Wise Ricky and your (semi)faithful blogger took in the My Three Kilts show last night at Tir Na Nog over in Raleigh. Last seen as the opening band for Albannach on Kilt Night there back on October 8th, MTK came into last night's performance very loose, very jovial, and as their typically enthusiastic selves. (Oh, if other bands I've seen over the years would try just as hard to take themselves less seriously...) And luckily for all...especially considering the rainy weather, the North Carolina State Fair going on, and the economic worries...the lads were met with an equally fun-loving, joy-to-be-had, 'let's have a few beers and celebrate life' audience. Hell, we even had a newlyweds in attendance last night, is that not reason enough to have faith in the positive?

I've always thought that words can never do music of any sort justice...sometimes what is unspoken is far more memorable and lasting than the notes or lyrics themselves. That applies to serious material...Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" comes immediately to mind...but it also applies to off the cuff, totally 'fun for fun's sake' performances that you'll only best experience in a public venue with live music. This certainly holds true with last night's show, as evidenced by the video clip below.

The beloved newlyweds are the couple dancing to the left; My Three Kilts...left to right, Scott, Rob, and Shane...are on the right hamming it up to U2's "With or Without You". © 2008.

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