08 October 2008

Kilt Night at Tir Na Nog: Double Header with My Three Kilts and Albannach

Quick post this morning, as I'm off for a full day's activities...

A fantastic card on hand for tonight's Kilt Night at Tir Na Nog over in Raleigh. Not only is Annie et al setting up a buffet and Scotch tasting (highly advised to buy tickets and get there early), but two of our fave bands will be taking the stage.

©My Three Kilts, 2008

The first, My Three Kilts, down from the local Goldsboro, NC, way, are the fun-loving and enthusiastic chaps whom WR and I had the pleasure of spending a great time with this past July at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. We were supposed to meet up with them again this past weekend at the Williamsburg (VA) Scottish Festival, but various schedules and commitments had us miss one another. Rob, Scott, and Shane always do a fabulous job...and provide plenty of jokes and funny banter between songs...so it will be great to see them in person playing it up again.

©Albannach, 2008

The second band, and headliner, of the night is none other than long-time fave Albannach. The Scottish dynamos are not new to Tir Na Nog...in fact, that's where WR and I first saw them and left out of there gobsmacked...nor to Raleigh, but they are best-known now for touring the many Scottish festival circuits. The cult that is the Albannach fan base has grown tremendously, and for good reason: the band has simply gotten better and better with their audience (love of Heineken beer notwithstanding). I've lost count how many times I've seen them in just the short time I've known about them...I think WR and I "guess-estimated" about 8-9...but they were simply unstoppable Saturday night at Rockahock Campgrounds (where the Williamsburg Scottish Festival was held this year, and it's fabulous venue for such an event).

Albannach from the 2008 Williamsburg (VA) Scottish Festival.

I've been blown away by Albannach in some past shows, and I've also experienced a couple where I thought all the traveling had temporarily gotten the best of them (and their legendary energy levels). With the exception of perhaps that virginal introduction to them at the Nog some ages ago now, I must say this past Saturday night's performance by them was the best I've ever witnessed. Hopes are high they'll repeat that level of performance tonight, and, if they do, we'll probably all leave there gobsmacked once again. Sometimes words can't do them justice.

My Three Kilts start about 7(ish?), with Albannach scheduled to take up the sticks at about 9pm. Come early to get good seats and get tickets! $10 per person...hopefully I'll see you there.

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chillysmom said...

Love that I have stumbled upon these blogs by my pals! We totally missed yous at Williamsburg...seriously like 20 minutes. We had been there long enough. The "clan Brew" that the fellas had to sell was wonderfully tastey! Hope you were able to partake! Have a grand time at Tir Na Nog with the Kilts!