11 September 2008

Honoring the Silence

Today marks seven years.

Seven long years of laughter, joy, tears, exhaustion, and pain.

Seven long years of wondering the 'what ifs' of what happened then, and sometimes forgetting the 'why nots' of today.

Seven long years of missing those we cannot physically connect with right now, all the while ignoring those we cannot mentally compromise with any more. Honestly now, what's worse?

Seven long years of looking worriedly over our shoulders and seeing our own reflection. And then be completely scared of turning around again.

And seven long years without answers, and also really without resolution.

Please join me in honouring those many men, women, and children that were lost on September 11, 2001, and in many parts and many weeks afterwards, throughout this world. It was a horrible day in history...a day that we shall never forget.

For more on my particular personal history with this day and those that were lost, I refer you to my post two years ago on this blog. Again, I also extend my prayers to the brave crew and passengers of AA Flight 11 especially. Words cannot describe the bravery and courage they displayed that day.

I also would like to sadly add that the "John" phone representative in that 2006 post...a man whom I knew and worked with, who just happened to get the call from AA 11 Flight Attendant Betty Ong on that fateful day...is now no longer with us as well. He died this past fall, forever a deeply, deeply changed man. If it's true that the real number of casualties from the September 11 attacks may never be truly known, it's also true that my former co-worker "John" became yet another victim of that hell. Maybe, at last, in death "John" can have the peace he so desperately needed ever since trying to help out Flight 11. My heart and condolences go out to all the friends and family of those who are still suffering, and I will never forget.

With deep love and with great loss...

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