11 July 2008

Off to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games!

It's been a 65+ hour work week, all jobs thrown in...again.

It's been a little housework, a little cleaning, a little reading, a little vegging out in front of the television when not at work...again.

It's been a daily (and weekly and monthly) track of the weight loss progression...again. Good news is I've lost 22 pounds so far and still continuing to lose, albeit only 1-2 pounds a week. Bad news is I've only lost 22 pounds (since the first of March).

It's been another day of not seeing a wonderful summer sunrise nor sunset...again.

So I'm off to play and have some much-needed fun with some friends, have some good beer and good food (within reason), and enjoy some great Scottish and Celtic music. Off to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and a rented cabin near Blowing Rock.

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