13 June 2008

Hercules Mulligan, Tir Na Nog, tonight at 7:30pm

Quick post, friends, as I'm off to work before the wildfire drift smoke invades our fine locale again...

(Yes, we are still in a dense smoke/code red air quality alert for this morning at least, a situation that really showed up in Chapel Hill late yesterday afternoon. I went out for lunch at 2:45pm and it was still a hazy Chapel Hill; I came back close to 4pm and I could have
sworn I was in a burb in Los Angeles...that thick, that enveloping, that heavy in your lungs. I'm 3 hours+ away from the Pocosin Lakes Wildlife Refuge Park where this massive wildfire is actually raging, yet you'd think it was just a few miles away by the haze and smoke quality here. I can't even fathom how much worse it must be east, and especially northeast, towards the Virginia state line.)

A friendly reminder from our good friend, and Friend Of Blog (FOB), the wonderful guitarist Dave Cauthorn:

Just a reminder. HM will be @ Tir Na Nog this Friday the 13th, playing as a quartet:

* Chris King: vocal, whistle, bhodran
* Dave Cauthorn: guitar
* Lisa Wolff: fiddle
* Mike Baranski: banjo

Hercules Mulligan on MySpace

The scheduled band lineup for the Nog tonight is as follows:

* Gerry McCrudden: 6:30 - 7:30
* Hercules Mulligan: 7:30 - 9:30
* The Prodigals: 10:00 - close

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