02 May 2008

TGIF...and how I've needed it


The weeks that were are finally over, and I'm home for the weekend in a desperate search of some R&R. True, I still have a PowerPoint to break out and make on Sunday for work, but at least now I can see some light at the end of the tunnel (and I can also determine it's not an oncoming train)!!

Tonight is simply about vegging out somewhere at the house being lazy, although I may also do some budget workup for this upcoming week. (I am making significant progress on paying off any remaining debts and I will only have my monthly expenses and my college loans at the end of this year. A bit behind schedule, I admit, from previous promises...this is what happens when one starts also handling some expenses from parents...but still ahead a bit of being debt-free in about three years. All the hard work and penny pinching is starting to pay off...literally.)

Hell, with any luck tonight, I may even get around to watching my beloved "Rome" episodes from Season 2. Some days, I swear, I absolutely love my Netflix subscription, especially now as gas to and from the movies...let alone the shows themselves...would be out of my budget otherwise. Movies are my solace sometimes when I just can't deal with people anymore in the day. Or deal with them any more this week, as it is with my case right now.

("Rome", by the way, is an absolute must-see for any historical movie/TV buffs out there...I only wish it had more than two seasons in its catalog. The acting, directing, cinematography, set and costume design...absolutely top-notch quality and dedication to their respective crafts. And I've become new fans of Kevin McKidd...an excellent Scottish actor who you may know from the cult classic "Trainspotting" of all films, the super talented Irish-born thespian Ray Stevenson, and the supremely gifted and beautiful Polly Walker because of this wonderful series. Thank God they're rumoured to making a movie from the show, but for us "Rome" fans, that premiere simply cannot come soon enough.)

Tomorrow...and don't laugh when you read this next part...is all about watercolour painting 'for stress reduction' in the morning and creating my new garden area in the afternoon. I'm curious to see how the watercolours will go, as that is one area of painting where I've always felt the most impatient...and also had the least success as a result. It may be stress enhancing rather than stress reducing, but I'll go in there with a positive mind still the same. By the time I get through with the garden (a new project that I'm going at with gusto now that the farm here can actually lend some space to my dreams) tomorrow night, I should practically be in a Zen-like state of inner peace and calm.

And then on Sunday, it's back to that damn PowerPoint.

But not until then. Not until then, dammit.

A day or two of peace is all I ask, folks, that's really all I wish for now.

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