17 May 2008

Memorial Concert for Eve Carson, May 18

A memorial concert for the recently slain UNC Student Body President, Eve Carson, will be held tomorrow night over in Raleigh at a local favourite concert hall, The Lincoln Theatre. Minimum (ticket) donation is $10.

The "Hark The Sound" (name taken from UNC's oldest alma mater fight song) Concert Benefiting The Eve Carson Memorial Fund will start at 4pm on Sunday, May 18, 2008. Performers include The Jealousy Game, Aloretta, Jonas Sees in Color, Hey Euphony, Joe Grizzley, and Left on Cates. Doors open at 3:30pm, with plenty of municipal parking available across the street and also in the nearby Moore Park parking deck.

The supremely gifted and hard-working Ms. Carson would have graduated with honors last week from UNC-Chapel Hill. The investigation into her death (which is still under wraps to some degree, with even local press being denied access to see the search warrants issued by police) has been linked to the earlier murder of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato. Additionally, the two men charged with her killing (one of which is a 17-year-old) were on probation and should have been in jail for violations of such at the time of her March 5 murder. Further details about the judicial breakdown can be found here...at least one suspect now states that he had not been contacted by his probation officer for more than a year, even though he was on probation for gun and break-in charges. WRAL (the local CBS affiliate in Raleigh) also has prepared a quick synopsis of the events following the tragic deaths of both students.

Ms. Carson's loss still resonates within this small, but essentially University-dominated, city. It has shaken our security, but not our resolve to see the (many) errors within the NC Justice System corrected so another set of family and friends...another community...does not have to endure this horror again. What's been revealed so far about the breakdown and handling of these suspects and their previous crimes and/or probations, though, is very very troubling. And beyond disturbing. And crying out for a desperate need for reform in our system.

Rest in peace, Eve, rest in peace. Prayers to your family and friends continue.

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