16 April 2008

Here's to the Hokies...Let Us Never Forget

Today marks the one year remembrance of the tragic massacre that shocked the great Virginia Tech Hokies, the US, and the world. A year ago at this time, the massacre was just beginning...a fact that sends shivers down my spine as I look at the clock. As I watch that same time tick away, I also realize just how quickly that year has passed...and also how some things have not moved forward, either. So many great minds, so many great people, so many great souls, so many great dreams were lost that spring morn. And as horrible and as emotional as that day was to the psyche of the world in which we all still live, what actually has been done about gun purchases to those unqualified to own, safety precautions on campus, etc? A hot topic there for a bit that has went disturbingly quiet throughout this land, ever since the photos and the bios and the family stories fell off the front page. All these wonderful voices forever silenced, yet we still cannot manage a conversation in their absence...

Virginia Tech University®

Today, again...and for all days since and for all days forward...we are Virginia Tech. Let us stand alongside our friends from Blacksburg (and throughout this nation, throughout this world) once again, and let them know the lives of their loved ones were not lost in vain. And let's work together to prevent another horrible nightmare like this from ever happening again.

Many hugs and condolences to the whole Virginia Tech family...and especially to the family members and friends of those that were lost that fateful day...from me. Words cannot express the grief I still feel for what has been so horribly taken from you and from the world at large. God be with you all...always.

Special hugs go to VT alum and dearest friend, the Wise Ricky. If there is anything I can do to make the day a bit better for you, please let me know.

And, yes, while I am behind on the Jamie Bishop memorial project I want to place here in Carrboro (Herr Bishop and his widow lived, studied and worked here for a bit), it
will be completed by next year's remembrance. I want to do the memorial 'right' with some locals and former co-workers who actually knew him well, but that takes some time, organization, and money, and all three requires some planning and saving. For those that are interested in learning more, please email me: themarquise@gmail.com.

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