28 March 2008

Go, 'Cats, Go!

I'm not an alumni, but I feel as proud of the Davidson College Wildcats (from Davidson, NC) as if I was one! (Technically I feel like I 'belong' a bit more than the casual fan because my ancestors...back when we could afford all the letters in our surname, i.e., before we some of us went West...helped start this fine college and town in which it shines.) Going to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA March Madness Mens' Basketball Championship Tourney!

From the Davidson College Athletics Page, © 2008

They play tonight in Detroit, and CBS will be televising (and webcasting) the game. If you can't make it there in person (and active Davidson students who want to go to Detroit and support the team can, at the College's expense), catch it on TV and with some other Davidson supporters at places all around the world...check the list here.

As I discovered first hand when I traveled to Davidson back in October of last year, the school, the alumni, and the community itself takes athletics...and the support of the Wildcat teams...very seriously. Davidson College, after all, only has about 1700 students. Take a gander of what just covered one small wall of the local sandwich and ice cream shop, aptly named The Soda Shop, which is adjacent to campus:

Love the place, love the College, love the energy of the people...and did so even before all of this hubbub and even ignoring my family's distant history with the place. I'm going there again in about 3 weeks (Loch Norman Highland Games, held on the old family homestead near Rural Hill), and I can't wait to go back.

Tonight, though, I hope to scream myself hoarse as I cheer the 'Cats to victory! GO WILDCATS!!

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