25 March 2008

Dust Bunnies on the Keyboard

First off, apologies to those who occasionally duck in here to check up on me. I realize I've been supremely lazy in checking in here, and so I will simultaneously recap recent events and also beg forgiveness.

Yes, I am over my cold-like symptoms of almost a month ago. Everybody else at work has been sick at least twice this season as well, but I think we've finally won the war...even if we do lose a string of battles there last month.

Yes, I survived this year's St. Patty's Day festivities without getting sick. And I even remained sober at the raucous Tir Na Nog St. Patty's Day Weekend festivities on the 15th, which was highlighted by FOB Hercules Mulligan and then newly discovered faves (from Goldsboro, NC, no less) My Three Kilts. You know you're getting old when it's actually more entertaining seeing your friends get drunk without having to join them. And it was damn entertaining.

Yes, I am joyfully welcoming the entrance of spring, especially out here on the farm. We have some periwinkles and daffodils and countless other green and sprouting things all around the house now, and I've also 'met' a returning owl...which has become my de facto alarm clock these days. (Not that I'm getting around any better in the mornings, but he/she is quite dependable to wake you up at strange hours.)

No, I have not experienced a brewing mishap first-hand (yet), and WR and I are into our third brewing attempt so far. The first two attempts (taken from a Coopers® lager mix from American Brewmasters) were a success, and especially so at a wedding reception held out here. This third attempt, still fermenting away as I speak, seems to a particularly difficult British-born Hefeweisen. It's been so problematic in fact that I will be entirely surprised if we get anything decent from this batch.

And, no, I have not taken to building a shelter of Economic Last Resort, but admittedly I am wondering aloud how we went from a capitalistic money society to a socialistic money society...especially if you're a major bank institution that is supposed to be there in support of capitalism. Some of us working stiffs clearly have missed the memo on this new change in affairs. Just how fucked up is it that we (as a willing tax-paying society) 'cannot allow' a major bank that made poor leveraging decisions and risky gambles to fail, but we can allow the actual taxpayers themselves to tank as a result of this recession??? Somewhere, Willie Nelson and all the small-time farmers he and his kind tried to help with Farm Aid is even less trusting of what we've become. But that's a whole other diatribe I will save for another day...

Primarily, though, I have been in a technological hell. Namely, the dear beloved (and quirky) digital camera has seemingly bit the dust, and right now I'm not in a position to buy another one. To make matters worse, due to its age (and poor design), it has this 'holding gallery' where photos can be 'stored' temporarily before being committed to the digital card...in a pixel limbo between creation and development...and I have a lot 'on display' in said gallery without an immediate solution to break them out to the other side. (Anybody here have experience with this and old HP Digital Cameras? I'm open to practically all suggestions at this point to 'free the pics' to the memory card, short of anything that stands a good chance of most of the pics being lost.) Combine all of this with the continued hit and miss saga with wireless connections here at the house, and by the time I actually should be getting around to blogging, I'm so damn tired of doing anything involving computers and/or memory cards it's just been easier to elicit the 'tomorrow is another day' mantra that continues to serve millions of procrastinators worldwide. And while I know this is blasphemy in the cyber world, I actually have went 48 hours+ recently without even checking email here, let alone surf or blog something...and I survived.

That said...on second thought, maybe I am not feeling well.

This weekend was one such saga continued, although (temporarily) I think I've jerry-rigged a solution for the wireless connection rollercoaster, but which is still in the final testing stages. So instead of engaging in the internet dialogue, I worked on spring cleaning the house and purging unnecessary items. And watching some rather bad (Duke not being able to hit the broad side of a barn nor their free throws this past Saturday versus West Virginia), and occasionally, even excellent on-the-edge-of-your-seat college hoops (Davidson...a college of which has ties to your faithful yet lazy blogger...coming back from a 17-point deficit to defeat the Georgetown Hoyas) during March Madness. Ahh, springtime, when everyone down here on Tobacco Road takes up their annual religious rites. I'm really surprised any of us even manage to hold down a job, let alone concentrate on it. Come March round here, we just all watch basketball...mens, womens, Duke, State, UNC, no matter...you just watch basketball. It's an undeclared holiday season really.

And speaking of concentrating, I need to get back to doing the same for a project I'm auditing for work. But I will be back tomorrow sometime for another post, right after I curse the beer fermenting jug and also praying to the Pixel God to just release my shots back to me, untainted and unharmed. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, and maybe also a bit more productive than what I've had on here as of late.

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