17 July 2007

2001: An Interpretation Odyssey

Tomorrow night's agenda is one of thematical problem-solving: I am determined to figure out (or at least talk to others who hopefully can) the meaning behind Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey", a film I have seen so many times and not fully 'gotten it' I dare not count anymore. I am a not-so-closet Kubrick fan (much to the ire of my feminist-thinking friends), so seeing this on a big screen again is akin to declaring a national holiday. I am perfectly fine...and even enraptured with...the film (SPOILER ALERT! for the link) until the last reel. Then, I dunno...the whole thing goes to hell in a hand basket for me. Even after an extensive review of the Kubrick exhibition in Melbourne in January 2006, I still come away with more questions than answers. Tonight's my night to see this classic on the big screen and with other like-minded movie buffs. An answer, I believe, is out there, but I need to understand a bit better of what the question being posed is to actually know how to appropriately respond. Otherwise, no matter how many times I've viewed it, this classic just ends up as a question mark.

Showing Wednesday, July 18, (one night only!) at The Colony Theatre in Raleigh. Tickets are $5 per person and the show starts at 7 or 8pm (seems to be some confusion on the start time for some reason). Their address is at 5438 Six Forks Road. (Yes, these are the fine people who give you free refills on soda and popcorn, and also provide the wonderfully cushy sofas to lounge on before and after the shows, too.) Beer and wine are also available..it is a heavy film.

This is also part of their "Pop CultuRetro" shows The Colony hosts every month. The remaining ones (until the holidays, anyway) are:

7/18 - 2001: A Space Odyssey
8/15 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
9/19 - Chinatown
10/17 - Donnie Darko

If I come upon any earth-shattering insights as to tonight's feature, I'll pass them along. Sadly all my sci-fi friends have prior engagements or (heaven forbid) don't like Kubrick, so I watch as a film buff and not with the eyes of those who could provide an otherworldly-like appreciation. Who knows, though, my confusion may still remain after tonight...and I accept that possibility. Perhaps the only new knowledge I will obtain is just how much popcorn is 'too much' or how worn out my chosen seat truly is. Maybe I'll learn nothing when the lights go down, but I'll love the movie anyway. Perhaps 'knowing' the meaning to this Odyssey is, alas, simply just not to be. It's the journey and the questioning that really matters at the final cut.

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bloglet said...

I googled it a couple of years back and found some reasonably satisfying explanations. It helps to remember that most of what comes after the acid trip is, well, an acid trip.