26 May 2007

Gone racin', folks

I'm gone today and tomorrow to the Queen City of Charlotte to Lowe's Motor Speedway and to go watch the NASCAR® races there.

© Lowe's Motor Speedway

Along with 164,000+ other fans it would appear. Which works out to be a bit more than 10 times the average population of my old hometown in its heyday. The parking alone will be staggering to be sure.

The weekend promises two good races into the night, and I'm hopeful I can make it to the three 'meet and greet' sessions with my faves and their fans...which may lay a lot of pressure on the roads and traffic situation for all the holiday travelers. I'll try and take some pictures of all the festivities both on and off the track...including the standard 'man wearing double-sided beer can sipper cap' and the obligatory 'catfight in the stands between profoundly busty women who choose to go braless' to these events. For what it's worth, I will dress appropriately, namely because (a) I still have yet to get the season's first sunburn in, and the first one is always painful, and (b) gravity and my back necessitates the bra.

I said it once before, a couple of years ago, and I'll say it again now : Indianapolis can have the Indy 500 on Memorial Day (or any day, really), but their fans never seem to have as much fun. Nothing quite beats 'down home' chariot races...nothing.

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