19 March 2007

Reporting in from Porcelain Boulevard

I'll make this quick, as both an update to those who've been in contact with me since the weekend and with those who haven't...yes, I am temporarily out of commission right now. I have contracted an acute case of food poisoning (more on this later, I promise), a situation I thought was resolving itself early Saturday morning but then came roaring to its peak Saturday night and into yesterday. I'm still running a fever, no appetite, chills, you name it...and in a true state of managed health care in the US...I found out today the fastest acting (read: non-generic) drugs are not covered by my insurance drug plan. So now I'm sick and broke. And taking up temporary residence near the bathroom.

For those that I've been needing to call, contact, email, etc., I'm sorry but everything's been pushed back to getting well first. When I can (and hopefully that will be tomorrow), I'll try and catch up with you all. Yes, I have food but no, I'm not hungry. Nor am I answering the phone nor the door if I can possibly avoid it. I'm not being a selfish bitch intentionally, I just really, really feel like one right now. Hopefully you can understand.

And hopefully, within the next 24 hours or so, this too shall pass.

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Mike said...

Or, as Barry Humphries (a.k.a. Dame Edna) would say, "driving the porcelain bus"...