28 March 2007

Ben Folds tonight at Memorial Hall, UNC

Just a quick reminder that the mighty entertaining and songwriting mastermind that is Ben Folds is making a tour stop tonight at Memorial Hall on UNC-Chapel Hill's main campus. The show starts at 8 pm. And while tickets have technically been sold out for weeks now (with no help from the Carolina Union Box Office misinforming the official sale date to at least three people that I know of, so far), there are some enterprising folks who are selling their admissions on Craigslist and the like, although you'll need to sift through all of those wanting to sell NASCAR® tickets for Martinsville and the die-hard basketball fans needing them for the Final Four. For those attending but who are not aware of the parking situation at UNC, I would strongly recommend arriving well early enough to get some place to park downtown (and maybe even get a bite there, too). Rest assured, the fanatics who have followed Ben for years will be heavy in attendance (while he's moved to Adelaide now, he originally is listed hailing from nearby Winston-Salem, NC), as well they should be.

©Ben Folds, picture taken from his profile page at MySpace

Fear not, good friends, if you cannot score tickets to what will certainly be a great show tonight: dear Ben is in the beginning stages of a massive summer concert tour, and will be back here on July 31 over at Raleigh's Walnut Creek Amphitheatre (he's appearing as a 'Special Guest' for headliner John Mayer, oi vey...Mayer better prepared to 'bring it' onstage is all I can say compared to Ben). Additional tour dates can be obtained from his web site here.

His is a show not to be missed and he's a great guy offstage to his fans, too.

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