26 February 2007

Let's just say I've lost track of the days....

Well a very quick post as I'm back in after way too many activities over too short a time. This wannabe social butterfly thing is not all that's it cut out to be, that's for sure.

In the past week, I have:
  • attended an informal bloggers' conference where I was truly 'out of water' so to speak as this humble contribution was the only 'personal blog' represented (I truly had no idea so many full-time bloggers existed in this neck of the woods, let alone had made it into a business of some sort for themselves);
  • at long last, joined a writers' group that had been offering me invites for more than a year now...and although I'm not up to their caliber, I was welcomed rather heartily into the group (for which I thank them again here);
  • relocated with the Triangle Bluegrass Jam folks (formerly of the Hideaway BBQ) over to Helios Coffeehouse in downtown Raleigh, and they had a good turnout to boot;
  • finished the three time-consuming but ultimately fulfilling art projects that I have been nursing in spurts over some time now, including the one for work;
  • held and finally completed the at-work baby shower and although it started a bit shakily with disorganization, it came around to its own glory and with too many shades of pink to really mention;

    and (after being out of contention for most of yesterday with migraines doing mundane stuff around here at the house) finished up with...

  • tonight's Academy Awards© broadcast over at Raleighwood, which went over surprisingly well attendance-wise considering the weather was rainy here and the entire broadcast ran over 4 hours in length. Complete with celebrity impersonators, door prizes, good food, some really 'neat' (for lack of a better word right now) balloon decor, and some newly made friends from a local theatre/movie group who let me crash in their 'booth'.

    I will include what pictures I have of these at a more reasonable hour...it's soon to be 230am Monday here, but am posting this now to respond to some of reader emails I've received. I'm perfectly fine, I think...just super-swamped.

    More updates to follow tomorrow later today. Thanks to all for your patience. Sorry also to those who wrote to me...I should have posted something on here earlier.
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