05 February 2007

Last Hideaway Bluegrass Jam, Tuesday, February 6...Hercules Mulligan at Tir Na Nog on Friday, February 9

Unfortunately, folks, I have bad news from Hercules Mulligan guitarist, Friend of Blog, (and all-around bluegrass music groupie), The Mighty Dave Cauthorn: the twice-monthly Hideaway Bluegrass Jam (which has been held recently at the same-named Hideaway BBQ club in Raleigh) is ceasing performances there and the parties involved will be moving their jams elsewhere soon (new location not yet known as of this posting). (I'm presuming the name will change, too.) Dave informs me through email that the performers who make up the group (an extremely talented and professional lot of locals) will be having their last Hideaway Bluegrass Jam tomorrow night, Tuesday, February 6th, starting at 7:30 p.m.. I strongly encourage those who have missed these pickers and singers before to come out and take in the group. WR and I will most definitely be in attendance, and I'm trying to call in some reinforcements (c'mon, it's not that cold). The food, bar and wait staff from the restaurant side are also top notch. I'm sorry to see the move, but am hopeful that the new location (wherever that is) will give these great people a greater audience for which they so absolutely deserve.

On the flip side, though, Dave and the Most Famous Acoustic Irish Band Singing Songs About Boats...none other than my personal local fave, Hercules Mulligan...will be playing this Friday (February 9) at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub & Restaurant in downtown Raleigh from 7 to 9 p.m.. By all means, people, come and see the boys, and enjoy some beer and/or spirits. To those of you who have been dissuaded from ordering food there because of poor service and/or lackluster taste as of late, keep in mind there are plenty of other eating establishments very nearby. Their beer selection, however, is very good and WR and I highly recommend several. Eat where you want, but come drink at the pub...and just don't be late for the Hercs.

For information on both of these venues' upcoming events (bluegrass, Irish, or anything else), check them out on the sidebar to the right...which I updated this weekend so as to be more 'user friendly' (a fairly frequent complaint I was getting about the links). I welcome feedback about the changes, as always.

And finally, the announcement about tomorrow's Last Jam at Hideaway:

Hideaway BBQ – 2210 Capital Blvd. (inside the beltline) 919.828.5226
Tues., Feb 6th @ 7:30 pm

Bluegrass musicians, enthusiasts, and spectators are welcome!! Jam is for acoustic bluegrass instrumentation. i.e., guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, upright bass, & dobro. All skill levels are welcome, though it's primarily geared towards intermediate / advanced players. There will be a PA system and it will be an 'open mic' - type environment (i.e. folks will rotate on and off the stage). The event organizers have formed a little house band to play a short set to kick things off and to fill in instrumentation (as needed) throughout the evening… Stop by for some bluegrass pickin' and tasty BBQ.

http://www.myspace.com/hideawaybluegrass for more details!

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