10 January 2007

The 4 Things to be Happy For...Today, Anyway

I unfortunately am running late to work this morning, so a much shorter post than usual. However, I woke up this morning from a fitful night of dreams (some of which were quite pleasant), and in a somewhat reflective mood. I did my usual pre-work blog crawl and happened across several today that were full of doom and gloom. Me, running against the grain as usual, thought something more positive was in order for here.

So, without further adieu, my 4 things to be happy for...today, anyway:

  • The year-long plus program I started as a resolution last year to improve my credit rating and pay off some bills has went better than imagined: the credit ratings are up, the debt is down and almost eliminated across the board (although not completely paid yet, due to a recent Mama automobile emergency), and the 'need to shop' carelessly is practically gone;
  • The Mama is very much 'up and around', seems to be on the mend a bit physically, and is having the quite the pleasant time driving the church bus three times a week since she's abandoned politics (I think I mentioned this before in November, but Mama lost her bid for Mayor and her time as a Councilwoman was complete);
  • In a sign that you can find almost anything on the net these days, after endless searching I finally found a MP3 version of Frankie Laine's "Gunfight at OK Corral", the theme song to the legendary Burt Lancaster-Kirk Douglas Western from 1957 (and uploaded it to the online radio, see right or click here). While the movie may never go down as an all-time masterpiece, it's still an excellent film. This film also was a sentimental fave of mine and my father's...Dad used to sing the theme song when he worked way into the night to keep himself awake and enthused, waking up me I can't remember how many times...and I've found since his passing that I've taken up the practice as well now. This find was a 'present' to honour his memory and what would-have-been his recent birthday. The movie came on AMC TV on cable just last week; two hours after I finished watching it (complete with tears, but I always cry when Wyatt and Doc say goodbye) and after years of looking for this theme, I found the song. Karma works in some really mysterious ways.

    And, finally...

  • Despite almost choking last night trying to hold back laughter at a bluegrass jam I attended in Raleigh, the final thing I'm happy for today is...kilts and the men who wear them. The Wise Ricky (WR for regulars here) has taken to wearing kilts, although he's predominantly Irish. I, however, hail from the ancient Scottish clan, Clan Chattan, and so, between the two of us, we think we can either persuade (probably with beer) or conquer any detractors to the kilt. What we had not counted on, though, was the 65+ year old 'out there' grandmotherly types who take an interest in all things Scotland, Mel Gibson, conspiracy theories on the WTC, and what my personal opinion of the British is (which is highly favourable despite centuries-old family history, by the way, after being stranded...and helped out immensely...in London in September 2001). And we also did not count on her curiousity as to what dear WR wears under such kilt, complete with severe visual 360 degree look-over and follow-up questions...much like a mountain lion sizing up her potential prey. God Bless dear WR, though, he answered the questions honestly and completely (as one would hope) as a gentleman. Poor girl...I couldn't keep a straight face long enough to tell her he bats for the opposite team. (Mate, the next round's on me...you've earned it after last night. LOL.)

    So, in conclusion and in honour of the Wise and Gracious Irish but Kilt-Wearing Ricky, I dedicate "The Scotsman Song" to him (listen for the lyrics until I can find and post them here)...and Gerard Butler's not bad to look at, either:

    "The Scotsman Song"

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