01 December 2006

Nothing could be finer, than to be in...

...here, in Carolina, apparently.

It's been a very mild week here weatherwise (60Fs-70Fs), but I've found myself drifting over to view the Oz webcams with increasing regularity...wanting a quick return to the heady days of summer days in Sydney, I guess. And just two days ago I was complaining...while cursing the Bondi Beach cam not being consistently operational...how NC has been predicted to have a bad winter to come, which only further advances my longing. Giving up on Bondi, I did find an equally pleasant one to view on Manly Beach, and some slightly-drunken folks there even waved back at us voyeurs yesterday. Ahhh, Oz in the Summertime.

However, as Mother Nature reminded me and so many others here yesterday, it could be worse here in my specific neck of the woods. In fact, it could be much, much worse. I could still be 'back home' say.

Dear Mama (who faces her 'final consultation' with her landlord about her decision to stay or go from her apartment today...the Mama Drama continues) is digging out from a few inches of snow, but worse, several inches of ice underneath the fluffy stuff. And traveling on the curvy rural 'mountain' roads of Arkansas, that's bound to be fun. Especially since she still needs to haul some items off to storage and/or donation centers before that meeting. Even now, she's in command of an automatic all-wheel drive somewhere, with the local farm report blaring from the radio to 'calm her', I am sure. If nothing else, Mama lives to rise to a challenge. I'd feel better if Arkansas only believed in more guardrails.

Further west, our dear Friends of Blog (FOB), Amanda and Melanie, are probably in worse shape. (Moody to FOB...come in, FOB.) They still reside back in my old stomping grounds in the flatlands of Kansas and Oklahoma. They were dead-center in what The Weather Channel last night was calling "the Oklahoma blizzard" (which may be a first for those words to be put together in a single sentence ever). Today, I checked out the nearest TV station of any merit, Channel 8 (KTUL) of Tulsa, and the totals were daunting (see below). Tulsa, definitely an unheralded beautiful city of these United States, apparently got something close to 10 inches. And all of this snowfall comes on top of some earlier ice and heavy rains the region's been having before the snow came a-callin'.

Snowfall totals in NE Oklahoma from 'blizzard' that hit 11/30/06.
Image from KTUL-TV webpage.

Somebody get these people some shovels and a lot of warm cocoa.

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Caroline said...

15" here hon. Starting to melt off somewhat now - probably down to about 6-8. Shovel to the heads of those responisible for NOT cleaning our roads in a timely manner, despite having the equipment and adequate forewarning.
Thanks for thinking of us, dearheart. I, for one, am warm and cozy - right up until I get my gas bill next month. Take care of yourself -A/G/C