13 December 2006

Hercules Mulligan announces Holiday Tour

Although The Holiday Tour is a bit limited by geographical range this season, we devoted supporters and 'Americana-influenced Irish band' groupies are always hopeful for world domination. These guys are very talented musicians and mesh well together...it's always a very good, and very entertaining, show!

(from the your pseudo-professional PA monitor's and Irish and Scottish band groupie's email LOL)...

Hercules Mulligan, the hardest working Americana-influenced Irish band in the Triangle will be playing two dates on their Holiday Tour 2006. The Herx will first ply their trade at the Cary Hibernian on Wednesday, December 13th, (ed: TONIGHT!)from 7-9 P.M. Then, after a 48-hour respite, they will reappear at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub (in downtown Raleigh) on Friday, December 15th, also from 7-9 (ed: P.M. as well, just in case anyone has a hangover...these fellas have day jobs, too).

Come take a break from your hectic holiday planning for two nights of fun. If you know us, bring a friend. If you don’t know us, bring a friend as well so you’ll have something to listen to if you find you’d rather not listen to us. If nothing else, come see what Irish music sounds like when driven by an upright bass. That’s worth the price of admission right there, which, incidentally, is free.

To close, a couple of quotes to up the ante:

“Hercules Mulligan is a splendid blend of The Pogues, The Chieftains, and Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys. Add a splash of The Three Tenors and just a kiss of The Stanley Brothers, and you’re pretty close to the magic that is Hercules Mulligan.” – Anonymous

“Well I’m not sure how to respond to that. It’s all very flattering, really. The Pogues and Bill Monroe? Gosh, and a splash of the Tenors and a kiss…wait a minute, dude, was that Anonymous? He's always saying whatever he thinks we want people to hear. He's still not in the band.” – Dave Cauthorn, Hercules Mulligan

As a point of clarification, your faithful blogger here would like to unequivocally deny that I am 'Anonymous'. Yes, dear longtime friends, I know that's what the old band setup with myself and Johnny K and a host of others used to be called. However, somewhere after that messy musical divorce and my carpal neuropathy, all fun and games with that inside joke/name ceased to exist. The lovely blokes with Herx were NOT aware of their unintentional (albeit intentional to them in their context) joke as above. I'm very fond of them, like several other bands I make a determined effort to go see, but much to their benefit, I do not play with them. Those days of playing are far done.

Just come out and see these guys!

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