23 November 2006

An ode to the joys of Thanksgiving

This is the classic 'comedy' version of "The Thanksgiving Song" sung by comedians Adam Sandler and (with late accompaniment by his partner in tune) Kevin Nealon.

The song is such a hit it has become much beloved by Sandler fans and non-Sandler fans alike. So popular, in fact, that Sandler performed the song 'live' in his off-TV stand-up shows...and released it even as a holiday cult-favourite FM single, complete with lots of audience participation. (Although I like this version, the radio single makes references to Cheryl Tiegs posters, masturbation, baby oil, and a host of other things...things I always think about during my Thanksgiving repast.)

No better song has ever been written about the joys of wearing corduroys. Or Sammy Davis, Jr.'s eye disability. Or the joys of sweet potato pie...

Happy Thanksgiving to all today, and *please* think of those less fortunate and hungry this holiday, and help as you can.

This video, as always, is from YouTube.

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