09 November 2006

Halloween 2006...Franklin Street

Another photo essay of recent events...(but hey, I'm only about a week behind now, rejoice at the speed of contributions!)

One of the most glorious holidays we have here is Halloween, a holiday where everyone can be a star, or a horse, or a spacewoman, or whatever they damn well want to be, depending entirely on costume and only limited by their own creativity and budget. It may be the only night still existing in America where absolutely no holds are barred in regards to dress, makeup, 'fun' behaviour (in adults and children alike), excessive alcohol and chocolate consumption, and independent expression. And maybe there's something to this, I dunno: the costumes are always so much more outrageous when Republicans are in political control (or were still, at least last week).

So every year, 50,000 or so of my best and newest friends invade about (the main) 8 blocks of downtown Chapel Hill, home of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (oldest public university in the United States, by the way) And it's always a blast, a 'see and come to be seen' kind of event. Thank God this year it was still warm outside that night: that helped crowd participation and also led to some rather revealing 'costumes' for both the men and the women to enjoy. (And, with God as my witness, I never imagined 'the Borat bikini' would look good on any man, but gladly was proven wrong. If properly worn by a fit and/or reasonably muscled man with well-groomed or little body hair...well, like everything in fashion, it depends who's wearing it that matters.)

(right) Just getting started, at around 10pm. It all gets going with an intro 'meet and greet' time when everybody starts 'cruising' up and down Franklin Street (old-timers: think 'cruising' from George Lucas' classic "American Graffiti"® movie and you'll get the general gist of things)

(left) A fellow gawker (and exchange student from Turk-menistan), warily but excitedly taking in not only her first Chapel Hill Halloween, but also her first Halloween holiday ever (not a bad mask for a first-timer, eh?)

(left) A roving six pack of Duff brand beer. Duff is a fictional (as far as I know) brand of beer, made famous by Homer Simpson on "The Simpsons"® TV show

(right) Yes, he was what you think that is, although he had problems maintaining proper 'pressure' inside, it seemed...somewhere down the street some frat brothers were an oversized pack of condoms, I've wondered if they met up later. Incidentally, "One Night Stand" man was back this year, too (a man literally wearing a night stand on his body with a lamp on his head)...he followed Penis Man (probably just by accident, except for the Hare Krishnas no serious social statements are made at this event, just there for fun and costumes only)

(left) The Tarheel (North Carolina's legendary nickname) version of The Great Pumpkin, heavily watched by the local and state police who cardoned off Franklin Street complete with weapon body checks, multiple squad cars, and mounted policemen on horseback

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