11 October 2006

Where My Heart is Today: Coffs Harbour

This video should be me, but oh well. I've been to the glorious land that is Coffs Harbour (about 6 hours north of Sydney, on the Pacific Coast Highway) twice now...once in 2002 and again this past January. Each time I've been there it's been rainy and a bit overcast. Each time I've been there I've been stranded due to transportation issues. But each time I've been there I have fallen in love with the place, and vow that somewhere nearby there...maybe in their lovely neighbour town of Sawtell even...there is a little shack I can fix up on the weekends and do my writing at night. I miss the sound of the wallabies in the tall weeds outside the windows at the Sackville Homestay. I miss the sound of the kookaburras and other wild birds in the trees above the parking garage across from the Coffs Ex-Services Club downtown. And I miss the ocean, that glorious ebbing, at my feet when I've walked down to the shore from the Yacht Club.

So, as the first cold front moves into the beginnings of fall here, my heart and mind wander about the beauty I have left behind. And, more importantly, the sunrise from the Coffs Harbour Jetty that I've yet to see.

But, like this lucky girl...I will.

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