17 September 2006

Contributions and updates to Blogcritics, Live365

Sorry for the absence this week, as I've been swamped with some work activities and also leading a life (or trying to, as last week I was down mentally and I just needed to do a Freddie Mercury and have a "I Want to Break Free" moment).

First off, a quick update: I have happily been included as a critic over at Blogcritics, and my first post (first seen here in May, but with some additional editorial content changes) "Reflections on the Green Sheet Man Republic" was first published there last Sunday, and then made their Culture Focus page on homelessness a couple of days later. I'm now working on a live concert review, a live 'alternative sports entertainment' review, and a book review for them. Again, I'd like to thank all of you who gave me positive feedback with that piece (and all of my pieces here in general) and invite you to not only read my entries there (which probably will not be the same as the ones here), but also the many other wonderful writers there. I consider myself lucky to 'make the cut', let alone actually have my work published and highlighted there so soon.

Additionally, in between the massive undertaking I'm doing for work today (we're having our first annual Staff and Family Picnic and yours truly is in charge, including the watermelon-as-pig-carving), I've been busily working on (at long last) the reactivation of my Live365 radio station. It appears I may have stuck with it enough so far...although I'm still adding tracks and am not happy with my limited artist list (but hey, one uploads as they can). (Oh yes, folks, we have much diversity to go before I get happy LOL. Have no fear, 80's, blues, Cajun, Tejano, and country fans: your additions and maybe some faves are coming on board, too.) If you want to take a listen, I certainly encourage you to do so (will play on both dial-up and broadband, available 24/7) and it costs nothing to do so. If you like me...really, really like me...you can even save the station as a 'preset' to find it easier the next time you go listen. And, as always, I always welcome feedback and will consider taking requests. (Once a radio hag, always a radio hag...sorry, folks.) Unfortunately, I'm a poor girl so I can't do anything (yet) about the few ads you'll hear if you're using the free listen option, so please forgive those rare interruptions in the music. Should you ever get bored with mine (which I can't imagine, but oh well, it happens LOL), there are thousands of other stations the world over also available for a listen, all musical and talk formats presented. But give mine a start first at the Tall Poppy Jukebox .

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