18 August 2006

Today's Mood: Resurrection

Eddie Vedder & Company pretty much says it all for me today. Acceptance need not be both a killjoy nor an ultimatium on life.

Pearl Jam's "Oceans"

from their album "Ten"(which is PJ's best album to date and arguably one of the best rock albums released in the last 30 years to boot)

Hold on to the thread
The currents will shift
Glide me towards...
You know something's left
And we're all allowed
To dream of the next
Oh, ohh the next, time we touch...

Oooh... (4x)

You don't have to stray
Tho oceans away
Waves roll in my thoughts
Hold tight the ring...
The sea will rise...
Please stand by the shore...
Oh, oh, oh, I will be...
I will be there once more...

Oooh... (4x)
Uh huh, oh yeah... (2x)

lyrics courtesy of Leo's Lyrics, as always

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