08 August 2006

The Ten Most Harmful Books

Okay, suddenly, I feel much better knowing my true identity (or at least the one conservatives such as those at Human Events Online would describe me): I'm a subversive. Harmful to my fellow citizens, dangerous in my thoughts and let alone my actions. And here I was thinking every time I had additional security issues at the airport it reflected back on my frequent travels and my former career in the airline biz...little did I know that instead it most likely has to do with the books that I've read.

You just know that these classics (no matter what you think of them, I'm a big believer in reading them all...if for no other reason that understanding first hand what all the big hubbub is about) are on Big Brother's Report to the US Gov't list at all public libraries when they are checked out. I find it especially telling that legendary scientist Charles Darwin made two entries on the honourable mention list. Admittedly, I am surprised though that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches against segregation didn't...these conservative buffoons can be elitist, sexist, creationist and capitalist, but somehow they missed their racist day of lectures. Lord, how did we ever get so lucky??

(Originally found from a Digg post.)

The Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries


wr said...

Zoe, I actually agree that at least a third of those books have been incredably harmful to many many people. It is hard to argue that the books by Marxx, Hitler and Mao have not been harmfull. That does not mean that they should be banned or restricted, however. I beleive that history has already shown that many of the ideas put forward in those books are harmful to human society in general. For the rest of the books, the best that can be said is that the jury is still out as to exactly how harmful they may or may not have been.

Caroline said...

Always known you to be 'subversive' dear friend, but thought that was one of your redeeming qualities that made you a unique individual.
Too bad being well-rounded in America means having one too many cheeseburgers from McDonalds.

twitches said...

Damn! They left off the "Left Behind" series!