13 August 2006

The "Feel-Good" Philosophy of Ron White

Okay, just so everyone is aware and gets off my case (hopefully), I'm following up with the doctor this week. No, still not feeling particularily well. Yes, I'm eating correctly and taking all meds as directed. Yes, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the longterm effects of the experimental tamoxifin I took years ago in hospital. And, no, I'm not understating nor lying about how bad/good I feel.

That said, I'll keep everybody updated as I can. If I have any say in it, I'll try not to die or get critically injured in the meantime...but everybody else has to keep up their end of the bargain, too. Okkkkay??

In the meantime, I've been a slug all weekend...watching redneck Comedy Central® TV shows and dreaming of when I can again make it back to my beloved Australia. So help me if Tony in Surrey (hi, Tony, by the way...thanks for checking in) is right and I'm just temporarily depressed as it's been months without any Oz exposure and none planned on the future horizon for this year, either. Damn you, Tony, damn you. I had almost forgotten about Oz in the approaching spring, but you've pulled it back out of my consciousness. And that's not a good place for it to be right now.

So, until I get better news and/or get in better spirits, I give you what so far has been the best philosophical advice I've heard all weekend, from none other than hysterical Texas comedian/all around smartass Ron "Tater Salad" White:
"I believe...
That when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.
Then you should find someone whose life has given them vodka...and have a party."



Caroline said...

Recent blog entry of mine *yes, a shameless plug for which I will get no royalty checks, thank you* is titled 'Making a Mikes out of a lemon-filled life'....how well our minds work together despite the years and miles of seperation....do hope with all sincerity you are up and running again - even if I have to travel 1500 miles with a cattle prod.

twitches said...

"Tater salad"? You HAVE been watching too much Comedy Central!