04 August 2006

Contrary to Unpublished Reports...

...I have NOT died nor drowned yet. But it IS a new day, after all, full and ripe and overflowing with possibilities.

In hospital last week, avoiding heat stroke due to work this week, and also starting my much-feared (but much-needed) swimming lessons (after almost drowning twice as a child), it's been a bit busy as of late. However, in my respite from 'all things stressful' I've been pulling a Clara Bow-in-exile and reading a great deal. Armed with a newfound knowledge I never knew I could reasonably employ, I will now go forth and do something productive yet physically undemanding.

And the regular blogging shall resume tomorrow in earnest.

1 comment:

twitches said...

Didn't know you'd been in the hospital, my goodness. Hope you're recovering. Sounds like you are!