17 July 2006

Thundering Mood: Where My Spirit Is Today

Perhaps it's the hellish temps here today (we're scheduled to hit the 100°F mark tomorrow), or the hellish events globally recently that is making me hark back to my days of endless exploring of the great city, Sydney. I'm notorious as a traveler for just getting a few maps or guides together, closing my eyes, choosing someplace at random while 'blind' and then heading off to explore. In fact, I actually ended up in Oz the first time from choosing it rather random-like by a spin of a globe. (Well, actually, the Tasman Sea, but Sydney was closer than Ackland...so Sydney it was.) The above picture is the result of such reckless, yet spontaneous, traveling: I spotted the Anzac Bridge from afar and, well, kept walking toward the horizon until I came upon it. (The Anzac, a distant runner-up in popularity to the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, is still a beaut in its own right...connecting the Central Business District of Sydney to communities such as Rozelle, Glebe, and beyond.) The bounty for such adventure was well worth the effort...not only did I get the above shot before the late afternoon deluge, but also I enjoyed a small inexpensive feast with my winged friends also featured. Taken at the Sydney Fish Market, Sydney, May 2003.

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twitches said...

Cool! I mean the picture - obviously outside, it's not at the moment.