20 July 2006

Small Victories and Fewer Concessions

Okay, compared to yesterday (oi vey), today's post will be rather brief in comparison.

First things first: regarding yesterday's 'diatribe' (as a good friend/reader of mine so pleasantly called it)...

  • no, I have not lost my mind (although that's probably not for me to effectively judge), and
  • no, I have not become an atheist (although I'm still somewhat non-denominational until I can be effectively convinced otherwise), and
  • no, I have not become a pessimist (although obviously some days are better than others), and
  • no, I cannot remember the last time I got really high, but I'm sure that a Pink Floyd album was playing in the background, and
  • yes, I can remember the last time I got drunk and that is not the problem (nor was the cause nor the effect of yesterday's contribution), and
  • yes, I can remember the last time I got laid and that is not the problem, either, but admittedly 'practice does make perfect' LOL, and
  • no, so far, I do not have some sort of snarky comeback to you or to the other 5 or so people who took the time to email (or to dear Twitches who actually posts comments here, what a concept!), and
  • finally, yes, I will consider taking myself down off my self-built cross long enough for many of you to come and retrieve the wood. (Or, if you are with the Wise Ricky, long enough to retrieve the whip that needs to go back to the monk from whence it came.)

    It's an Old West standoff, kids. Not sure which of us is packing the bigger pistol of logic, or is it just my pride refusing to cave in? Either way, we're all pretty good shots so maybe we should put away the Colts and go have a beer instead. I'm shouting the first round, even.

    Seriously, though, the comments were all taken to heart and reflected upon. In a bizarre way, it's nice to be thought of enough to have people write me...to so strongly encourage me to reassess my reasoning. Even though I'm not saying I'm wrong or even that I agree with most of what's been tossed my way in the last 24 hours, I still got that warm and fuzzy feeling.

    And hey, on the plus side: I paid off one of my college loans today. I'm pretty poor until the next payday, but that's one more down to having all the bills (except the other college loan) paid in full by the end of this year. Give a girl a break.

    twitches said...

    Hmmm...I hope my comments didn't offend you. I blame my repsonses on Plato's "Republic," which I was finishing at the time.

    the marquise said...

    Dear Twitches:

    You need not worry. YOU ARE FINE and your comments were very much appreciated.

    Actually, everyone's comments were appreciated (although none were as brave as you to post them...they're shy and send them to me by email). LOL.

    And God love ya for reading Plato; I'm trying to make my way again through Heroditus' "History". I'm blown away that anything I write here is even halfway appealing to those who read and understand Plato...there's hope for me yet in my attempts to communicate with higher minds.

    Thanks ALWAYS for the feedback.

    ricky said...

    old west standoff? 5 or so against 1. Honey, I think we win. I still expect that beer however.

    twitches said...

    Hey, I read it. I didn't say I understood it!