05 July 2006

Meeting the Neighbours, Supporting Their Causes

I'll make it a quick post today, as God help you all that read this, know that I've done went overboard the last few days with commentaries. Besides, it's raining cats and dogs over here right now and we're expecting flash flooding tonight and into early tomorrow morning. But I still prefer the summertime over the winter...

In my ever-expanding search to reach out and 'meet the neighbours' here in the Virtual Realityland, I've come across two good sites that have not only caught, but maintained, my attention. (Which is, by many accounts, a tough thing to do.)

Global Voices Online is the virtual online equivalent of Amnesty International, the latter which works "to protect human rights worldwide". With reports from all over the world about free speech, freedom of the press (of special interest is the "Reporters Without Borders" section), and the freedom to blog, among many others. In an internet world filled with "me, me, me" entries (of which I will fully admit I contribute to here as well), it's nice to see that an actual site of an internet 'community' exists and prospers.

The second link I found is for Free Press, the nice folks who are spearheading a massive "Save the Internet" campaign. Free Press has several lofty goals, encompassing everything from passing net neutrality laws to preventing the resurgence of Payola among corporate radio stations. Specifically, their goals are:
"... to reform the media and involve the public in media policymaking. Through education, organizing and advocacy, we promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, and universal, affordable access to communications."
Additional goals (and subjects of particular interest to me, former college hack journalist and radio person that I was) include: stopping the growth of big media, saving community internet actions, and overhauling the massively out-of-touch Telecommunications Act now being considered in Congress.

Finally, a couple of internet groups with a mission, plan, and actions to believe in. Too damn bad nothing like that can be said about either of the major US political parties.

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