12 July 2006

For the Love of All Things Mama

Mama on her first trip to the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina shore, 2004.

Happy Birthday, Mama!!

They say you can learn anything about the present if you just study the history thoroughly enough. Well, if that's true, all I ever needed anyone to know about my Mama will come from other, very important events of this glorious day, July 12.

On this day in history, in the year 100 B.C., Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was born. (That should be telling about Mama's leadership style, if anything is.)

In 1389, Geoffrey Chaucer was named Chief Clerk by King Richard II. (Chaucer later wrote "The Canterbury Tales", the only book of 'literature' dear Mama really likes...except Mark Twain novels and biographies about infamous bank robber Jesse James.)

In 1861, Wild Bill Hickok fought his first gunfight. (Explains both her grace under fire and frequently in 'life or death' situations...also explains her willingness to not back down from any fight, too.)

In 1862, the United States Medal of Honor was created. (If they made medals for Mamas and their patience and great powers of strength, my Mama's medals would beat your Mama's medals any day.)

In 1941, in the hills of Arkansas, a little farm girl who would eventually become my mother...and friend and inspiration to many, many others...was born. She would also become a successful business and nursing professional, local community official and fundraiser, and dutiful wife and caregiver to a terminally ill husband.

In 1962, The Rolling Stones first appeared. (Actually, this doesn't hold true to Mama so much as to me...she was an Elvis girl first and foremost, and then a Ringo fan...yes, there were and are Ringo fans...of The Beatles a distant second. Truth be told, she really, really likes Elvis, Marty Robbins, and Conway Twitty.) However, tying her in with The Stones: she never does anything shyly, frequently gets accused of causing a commotion...and enjoys herself immensely...and she's still rockin' and a' rollin' after all of these years. Plus, she looks much better in lipstick than Mick does now.
And on this day, July 12, 2006: my dear beloved Mama turns 65. And I, like so many others who have had the great honour and pleasure of knowing her, wish her all the best and send her all of our deepest, and most heartfelt love.

Happy 65th, Mama!!

With love and blessings always, although we are apart...

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twitches said...

Happy birthday to yer mama!!