19 June 2006

Whatever It Takes: Stanley Cup Champions 2006

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Yeah, that pretty much says it all. It is bedlam here in central North Carolina. I didn't have the $1000 to go buy a seat from a scalper, but there was much joy here in my humble abode as well (as my neighbours can attest).

College basketball, college women's soccer, and now National Hockey League champs. Who would've thunk it for the Triangle?

I would like to add I would gladly marry Cam Ward right now, even though he is 14 years my junior and also engaged...but I wish him and the fiancee every bit of success and joy. A great guy, future leader, soft-spoken. Very deserving of the MVP honour. A tremendous job at goal, truly! They've won another hockey convert.

Links to news reports and videos here:

"Carolina Edges Oilers To Win Stanley Cup"

"Stanley Cup Champs! Canes Win Game 7"

"Hurricanes Win the Stanley Cup"

The Stanley Cup Champs 2006: The Carolina Hurricanes

And the official Carolina Hurricanes website.

Congratulations, champs. You got it done...and with style, teamship, and hard work. We're very, very proud.

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