28 June 2006

Video of the Week: June 28 Gnarls Barkley

Finally, a video for Psychology graduate and Rorschach inkblot test lovers everywhere: a video for the rest of us!! (And I always thought it would be David Byrne or The Talking Heads or Peter Gabriel who would use this idea, but noooo. Although you have to admit The Talking Heads using a psychological test for a video does make sense, and God Bless 'em, they always did.) I LOVE this video, although I am sure a *ton* of blood, sweat, and tears went into the making and editing of this one. I do NOT envy the graphics director at all.

Without further adieu, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy":

His website, though, while technically quite nice and gadget-happy, is a bit difficult to navigate...or it was for me, anyway.

(Edited 7/2/06) Lyrics here, from Leo's Lyrics.

This was actually to include three videos: this one, Trey Anastasio's (from Phish fame) new release "Shine", and Robbie Robertson's (from The Band) haunting new song "Somewhere Down That Crazy River". Leave it to YouTube and other video sights to have countless videos of Britney Spears dropping her baby, but yet nothing featuring some decent music that isn't lip-synched. I can't find these videos on the artists' respective websites for video download, either. (Anybody...help!)


Additionally, music-wise locally: Hercules Mulligan are playing again tonight at the Tir Na Nog Irish Pub, downtown Raleigh. While the pub's webpage (referenced in the sidebar to the right here) says 7:30pm show time, I have been emailed a correction from a band member that it's actually starting at 7pm. If you can possibly make it, don't miss them...fantastic musicianship and very good show!

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