14 June 2006

Local Home Builders Blitz Countdown showcases Habitat for Humanity®

I have but just a short amount of time this morning for a post, but I wanted to say a much-appreciated "THANK YOU" to all of the countless volunteers and businesses that made this past weekend's "Builders' Blitz" campaign such a stunning success. Given the growing numbers of the homeless and also those unable to buy a home through standard means in this country, it's thrilling to see such an uptick in the donations of time, money, and especially skill and labour. The local RDU area (which comprises most of Durham, Orange, and Wake counties) is still showing a boom in numbers and growth for the immediate future...and given all of these factors, it is quite gratifying to know that local builders and citizens alike are stepping up to the plate to contribute.

For those of you who are unaware, the Home Builders' Blitz Countdown is a national challenge for home builders across the United States to build 400 homes in one week in communities across the country. Specifically, Wake County's Habitat® (which represents Raleigh, Apex, and Cary, as well as many other of Raleigh's suburbs here in the Triangle region) led in this national challenge. A recent article in The Philanthrophy Journal gives you an idea of the dedication and community spirit here:
With Habitat affiliates in Chatham, Durham and Orange counties planning to build a total of 13 houses during the blitz, the Triangle will be building more houses that week than Habitat affiliates in any other region of the United States, says Kevin Campbell, Apex (NC)-based director of the national effort for Habitat for Humanity International®.
And, contrary to popular urban legend, these homes are not substandard...but instead are of the same quality and effort of those built through more 'commerical' means. Local media reports on television vary of the amount of donations actually involved (and some of the following does not include labour costs, which is the most prevalent cost of any construction), but the donated amounts range between $60,000-$72,000 (USD) per home.

Welcome home, indeed, new homeowners. Now pass on the miracle of community spirit and homeownership along to others...make us proud.

For more information on how you can support and/or volunteer, try these:

5 Homes, 5 Cities, 5 Days

In Durham County, NC, contact Habitat for Humanity® of Durham. They also run the Habitat Hand-Me-Ups, Inc., resale store, where you can buy used furniture and household supplies and support Habitat for Humanity® that way. I can speak from experience when I fully endorse their furniture items, and especially their nightstands and end tables.

There are also many local Habitat ReStore Centers throughout the US and in Canada, too. These stores sell surplus and used building and remodeling supplies to the general public, with the sales from these items going to support new Habitat for Humanity® projects as well. (Homeowners and DIY'ers: check these places out for flooring, tiles, woodwork, and wood detail moldings especially. Also the bulk paint can be a find if you don't necessarily need large amounts for your particular project(s).)

And, finally, the main Habitat for Humanity International® website, so readers elsewhere can support and/or donate their time, energy, and skill to local chapters nearest to them...wherever in the world that may be.

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