12 June 2006

Henry Rollins, Thinking Woman's Muse

For those of you that know me, you know I adore Henry Rollins. (Yes, Henry, you are loved...although I'm not so sure that I'm the lover that you have in mind. LOL.) As much joy as I had in glorious Oz this past December and January, I know I shall burn in a cultural and intellectual hell for missing Henry's shows there...and one in Newcastle, especially after I moved Heaven and earth to make it there to see another act. (But it was scheduled for February, mate, and I was on a limited budget and timeframe to leave before then...) Please, oh Henry, forgive?

Henry is the wisdom in the sea of insanity, a yell of the intellectual savage amongest men who wimper through insipid mediocrity. I can't say I've particularly been keen on the music, but the words...oh, the words, sweet Jesus the words...have me melting every synapse whenever I hear or read them. (Henry has his own publishing company and his own television show on the Independent Film Channel , if you're not aware of him. Henry Rollins website, where his dispatches are a true joy. And, please, folks, BECOME AWARE OF HIM. You're doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't. Gotta support my fellow Aquarians!) I love his approach to life, love, the development of one's mind, the enrichment of one's soul, the sacrifice of one's gluttony in the desire to be a better person. I don't know how to classify Henry except to say that he has the mind and spirit that mine wants so desperately to be one day. That's a cop-out, I know, but damn it if you 'get' Henry like I think I do, he is nothing short of inspirational.

And my beloved Henry has struck back with an open letter to that idiot of the airwaves, Ann Coulter (whom I will not give links to as she's gotten way too much media attention already, but if you're unfamiliar with what this unbound woman has been saying/has written lately, you're more than able to Google her on your own). The following video (ed 6-13-06: confirmed personally now by email) comes from Henry's new IFC show credited above, so by all means please watch and enjoy "Letters from Henry". (Personal thanks to Sunshine for the original link...good onya, girl.)

"C'mon, Ann, you fuckin' psycho...let's do this!" (Says it all, doesn't it?)

If only dear Henry were put in charge for a few weeks...my God, what would be possible and what would be actually accomplished! All hail the thinking man!

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