11 May 2006

Moment of Zen: Australia Day 2006

Pushed for time today, as this is Day 2 of 5 of extended training for the job. God, not only do I not like Mondays, I'm starting to not like any of the other days of the week, either. And hell, I'm not even a Boomtown Rats fan, and positively have issues with (Sir?) Bob Geldof's treatment of the late, great INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence. (If I have to explain, I can...but I really don't want to. Google them if necessary.)

This said, I now give you another Australian Moment of Zen. This picture was taken on my last trip there, in January 2006, on Australia Day (their national holiday, think Fourth of July just with much better beer).. This taste of heaven features the beginning of the Sydney Harbour Boat Race (after all the boats have 'paraded' by, highly decorated), that goes from one end of the Harbour to the other. Little do I realize how much I love the place until I see pics such as these and remind myself how much I don't love it here. Sigh. Enjoy, nonetheless.

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