20 April 2006

Updating the whirlwind media storm that is the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape investigation...

Quick post, as I'm still updating my timeline and trying to fill in the gaps so far of what has come out and what is still under investigation...

Two sources of information came out yesterday, one a video report from Dan Abrams and MSNBC showing some of the time-stamped photographs taken at the now infamous party on the morning of March 14, 2006. The first link is to the story itself, the second is a discussion of the same from the local Raleigh NBC TV news with anchor Sharon Delaney.

MSNBC's "Abrams Report" with Dan Abrams: "Video: Exclusive Photos in Duke Case"

NBC-17's (WNCN) interview with Abrams about the photos, investigation so far (watch video)

Meanwhile, the CBS TV affiliate at Channel 5 from Raleigh, (WRAL), has come out with a timeline that makes it a bit easier to keep all of the various details about this case straight: "Duke Lacrosse Investigation Timeline".

Disappointingly, "The News & Observer" newspaper from Raleigh published their own rather incomplete timeline in yesterday's edition, but unless that gets corrected, I will not be using that one here as comparison.

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