17 April 2006

Melancholy Mood (aka Needing to Get Away)

...and so wishing I was there (in Sydney) today, lazing on a park bench, looking at all the photo-happy Japanese tourists and wondering why I worry so much about the things I shouldn't.

My beloved Sydney Harbour Bridge from the underside on the southern shore. The Opera House (unseen) is to my direct right along this same railing and sidewalk, a bit of a stroll away. The historic amusement area of Luna Park (also unseen) is on the opposite shore to the left of this vantage point. What is still in view is the quaint and pricey suburb of Kirribilli, which is on the northern side and is also the home of my favourite hotel, The Glenferrie Lodge on Carabella Street. (Taken December 2005.)

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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.