19 March 2006

"Imagine" What Mr Lennon Might Say...

In the continuing effort to show just how warped this world has become and how obsessed we have become as a society with 'celebrity' (even in death, 25 years on), I give you:

Psychics to try contacting Lennon in TV seance (distributed widely through Yahoo news as well) .

If it wasn't disappointing enough that Mrs Ono Lennon has licensed out his/their story for no less than 3 plays and now QVC does the John Lennon Collection of jewelry (which is, God help us, is being touted heavily in weeks to come, perhaps even as we speak), we now can maybe get in touch with dear John and see what his predictions for future sales are. Call me naive...and exactly when did John Lennon and jewelry come together in some commerical dream, anyway?...but somehow, I just don't think this is what he had in mind.

And "we all shine on". In silver, if you prefer.

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